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Melnikov interview used with permission of Prague News
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His meditations on the soul arise from first perceptions, as fragile and clear as the still inmatched cave paintings at Lascaux.  His art cuts to the quick for it reveals the original truth that every adult carries within, however deeply buried beneath the incrustation of society and survival.  In these extraordinary paintings, many Layers of hidden meaning emerge into the light.

Melnikov finds his depth in his earliest recollections.  He was born with an acute sensibility and has managed to keep it fresh and alive.  He is a perpetual innocent with a sophisticated means of expression.  His roots are in Russia, but his wings are capable of carring him across geographic and political boundaries.


Prague News: Your painting is technically complex and has a classical appearance.  That demands great skill.  Who are your influences among the Old Masters?

Igor Melnikov:  In all my works, I try to achieve perfection.  When I reach this goal, I lose all interest in the subject.  I have only a vague, theoretical understanding of the technique of the Old Masters, but I admire it.  The existence of pictures by Jan Vermeer, Gerard Terborch, Hans Holbein, J. M. W. Turner, Rembrandt - warms my soul.  But is is better not to look at them too often, so as to perserve the "energy of delusion" and to support the desire to do my own modest work...



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